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The first post cuts the deepest, and I struggled to decide on the perfect first slice. In the end, I decided to go classic, as you’ll soon see.

One of the perks of my day job is the location. Nestled in the West Village, my office is a stone’s throw away from some of New York City’s best eats… and treats. And let’s face it: Even people who adore their 9-to-5 need a snack break sometimes. Lucky for me, I’ve got plenty of options to satisfy when I’m jonesing for a sweet pick-me-up. But what do I do most often in situations like these? I head over to my office’s equivalent of Old Faithful: Jacques Torres, renowned for its trio of cookie treasures.

Trio, you ask? What is there beyond the lauded classic chocolate chip cookie and the decadent, chocolate-on-chocolate affair, the “Mudslide”, you say? Please extend your warmest welcome to the newest member of the JT Cookie Team: The peanut butter chocolate chip cookie!

The view from the top.

Okay, so maybe the peanut butter chocolate chip has been on the scene for over a year at this point, but it never did seem to make it out from behind the shadows of its forbears.

Cookie cross-section. You can practically scale those crags!

For an extra $0.50 ($3.50 versus $3.00 for the other two types) you can enjoy this behemoth of a cookie, which says a lot given that the original two were no slackers. Jacques Torres has seemingly taken the base of their classic chocolate chip cookie dough, mixed in some peanut butter, and then layered it with not only the bittersweet chocolate disks that grace the classic, but also some milk chocolate disks as well. The result is a striated mountain of a cookie. Don’t worry – there is a fair dose of salt to offset the intense sweetness and to round out the nutty taste, but it will still be a challenge to scarf more than half in one go.

The proper thing to do would be to make some friends and share the remaining half. But really, why share when you can have leftovers as delicious as these the following day? This is why we keep coming back. Sometimes an oldie still has some of the best goodies.

Jacques Torres
Multiple Locations in New York City (map)