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Always MoneyReaders. I am super excited. One of the best television shows of, dare I say it, ALL TIME is about to make its triumphant return. “Arrested Development” will debut its fourth and final season on Netflix beginning May 26. It is safe to say that I, along with many other AD nuts, will be shut-ins until we watch the whole season from start to finish. Better than having a hook for a hand though, right?

Luckily, the creative folks at Ample Hills Creamery, a wonder of a scoop shop in Prospect Heights, are also excited. Ample Hills is something like the Ben & Jerry’s of Brooklyn. They constantly churn out homemade, high quality, farfetched ice cream flavors with lots of textural mix-ins that are incredibly addictive. Their latest is an ode to the moneymaker of everyone’s favorite dysfunctional TV family: There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand.

Notice the Blue Man hiding in plain sight.

Notice the Blue Man hiding in plain sight.

The full ice cream description is above, but TAMITBS is a banana ice cream that hits all the right notes: peanut butter crunch, chocolate notes, and a lightly salty contrast that underscores the sweetness. Sometimes ice creams have too much going on and no balance. TAMITBS somehow manages to meld all the flavors together, like the best frozen, chocolate-dipped banana.

And since I have no self-restraint, I also got the trademark Ample Hills flavor, the Salted Crack Caramel. Significantly saltier than TAMITBS, the salted crack caramel is a standby for many reasons. It has a burnt, deep caramel flavor  in a smooth rich base punctuated by the crisp cookies. Each of these flavors could be a standalone star, but they nevertheless played well together, like Cousins Dangereux.

But my favorite part of my hefty two scoop cup ($5.75)? This little gem:
The moneyYes, that is a chocolate coin hiding in the banana ice cream.

Ample Hills Creamery
623 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238 (map)