Welcome to my compendium of all things dough, dessert, or delicacy, or any cross-section of the three. As you will soon see from the content of this blog, I have an irrepressible sweet tooth and would rather be eating dessert than doing most other things. Sometimes I bake for myself but more often than not I leave the production to the pros, so you’ll generally find here items that you, too, can ingest and enjoy for a modest fee.

I dwell in the Big Candy Apple of New York City, but I am of the, “Will travel for food,” persuasion. When I’m lucky enough to make it out of the concrete jungle I call home, I do my best to indulge in the items that satisfy the local sugar craving.

If you know of any treats I must try, want to say hello, or have baked a cake that is simply divine, do let me know. Nothing is better than cake and company.

Lots of love,
The Dough-Eyed Girl