I am a cake-loving girl living in the Big Candy Apple of New York City. I will travel far and wide for any sweet treat and am always looking for suggestions for new goodies. Sometimes I bake for myself but more often than not I leave the technical bits up to the pros, so most of what you will see featured on this blog will be available for you to acquire on your own (should you so fancy). Barring floods, flights, or flukes, I’ll have a post for you every Wednesday to get you over that midweek hump.

Some quick preferences:

  • Chocolate = Vanilla = Strawberry (How can one decide?)
  • Cake > Cupcakes [Corollary: Frosting > Cake]
  • Pie Filling > Pie Crust (I know, I’m a weirdo)
  • (Ben & Jerry’s > Haagen Dazs) < Homemade, Local Ice Cream
  • Breakfast = Greatest Meal of the Day

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